"Mud Truck" Rebuilding The Front And Rear Differential With Yukon Parts

CMR Rebuild guts and repairs front and rear differential
1975 Mud Race Truck

The owner of this 1975 Mud Race Truck brought it in to CMR Rebuild after having some problems in traction and quick response during a race.

CMR Rebuild best mechanics in Clarksburg evaluate differential

CMR Rebuild inspected the front and rear differentials and found that both differentials would have to be gutted to repair the Mud Truck issues. After careful consideration and discussions, the owner decided to authorize the repairs.


Oversized tires for the mud truck

The Mud Truck has oversized tires and a lift kit. This took a special setup for the differentials with Yukon Differential parts. Once CMR Rebuild acquired all the necessary parts, which took some time because of the age of the Mud Truck. CMR Rebuild completely rebuilt both differentials.

Gutted front differential

Here’s a look at the gutted front differential.

Yukon ring and pinion in the rear differential

CMR Rebuild’s ace mechanic is setting up the Yukon Ring & Pinion in the rear differential with the assistance of another top-notch mechanic.

Yukon c Clip Eliminator

This is special Rear Axle Yukon C-Clip Eliminator  prevents the axles from leaving the vehicle while racing through the mud.

Yukon Chrome Mollie axle kit with Super U-Joint

The owner took this mud truck to a race recently. He stated that he hooked up on take off so strong that the standard front axles snap in half. The owner brought the mud truck back to CMR requesting to find a special axle that will not snap on take-off. CMR’s technicians did some research and found that a special axle call Yukon Chrome Mollie axle kit with Super U-Joint was used by many of the mud truck racers on the circuit. CMR installed these axles. The customer is ready to fly through the mud again. 

The customer recently raced this Mud Truck in Ohio. He was place in the big block category because they did not have a small block category. The owner took second place with this Mud Truck beating all but one big block trucks. This Mud Truck has a small block 350 Engine.

Mud truck after successful front and rear differential rebuilds