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Heating and Cooling

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Heating and air conditioning systems in your car can be complex but a little maintenance from your local truck and car mechanics can go a long way in protecting your investment. Besides, the middle of a heat wave is not the time to find out your air-conditioning needs to be recharged. Likewise, trying to get across town in the winter with a vehicle without heat is difficult at best and dangerous at worst. If your car isn't heating or cooling the way you expect it, then it could be time for a heat or AC tune-up.

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Along with being uncomfortable, heating cooling issues can lead to your car overheating. If that happens, you could create larger, more damaging problems that a small fix might have solved. If you'd like your car to be the right temperature, and avoid a costly bill down the road, make sure you contact us at CMR Rebuild. Along with being drivetrain specialist we also offer services such as heating and cooling to make sure your time in your vehicle is a safe and comfortable one. Simply call us today 304-624-1515.