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Whether it's a new battery for a car or truck suspension repair, CMR Rebuild is ready.

In addition to being the areas’ drivetrain specialists, you also find a multitude of general car repairs available here. For instance, suspension repair is one of the services if you're in need of something such as axle repair. Steering repair is available too if you're experiencing an annoying vibration or if making turns are becoming more difficult. There is even battery replacement for vehicles that have dimming lights or trouble starting. Essentially, if you need a car repair service, you have finally found a local auto repair shop that can handle the most popular requests.

Avoid Auto Repair

Although it's great having a place for local auto repair, it's even better to have a place that can handle your maintenance so you never reach the point of needing a repair. That's why CMR also offers preventative services. Some of these include oil changes, lube jobs and car tune-ups. Transmission maintenance is also a great way to avoid a costly bill. Furthermore, functions such as air conditioning systems should also be maintained on a regular basis. That's why CMR Rebuild Shop offers these services. So if you'd like to learn more, call us today at 304-624-1515  or if you have a general question feel free to e-mail us.