Engine Repair

Engine replacement in Clarksburg

Our technicians diagnose and repair common engine problems with quality parts. When you need a new engine, our team recommends Jasper engines. Jasper ranked CMR Rebuild as one of the top 30 independent repair facilities in the U.S.

Common engine problems

It Won't Start

An engine that will not crank is one of the most common engine problems. Frequently this issue does not require an engine repair, but a repair to another system in your vehicle. If you hear a clicking sound, but the engine does not turn over, then it's likely a problem with the battery. If you hear the engine crank, but it won't start, you're likely experiencing a problem with your ignition or fuel system.

Overheating engine

Don't let your vehicle run hot! Left untreated, a hot engine can lead to serious engine damage and an expensive repair bill. If you've been maintaining your vehicle's coolant and you're experiencing a hot engine, then our technicians will look for common problems with the engine thermostat, radiator, leaks or obstructions in hoses, or even blown gaskets.

Engine smoke

If you just had your vehicle serviced, you may see steam, smoke or detect a burning smell. This is common and happens when fluids drip or spill in the engine compartment during servicing. This condition is temporary, lasting no more than a day or two. Real smoking engine problems can be caused by using an incorrect grade of oil, and worn gaskets, cylinders and rings.

Squeaks and knocks

Pay attention to those squeaks and knocking sounds. These sounds can tip you off to worn out belts, a starter that needs to be replaced, and other non-engine issues like worn out brake pads and tire problems.

From The Repair Shop

Replacing a car engine in the CMR Rebuild shop
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Mechanic replacing a 2012 Chevy Cruz Engine
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