Muffler Shop

Catalytic converters and exhaust repair

muffler shop mechanic talking on phone

The muffler shop at CMR Rebuild services and installs all current exhaust systems. In our Clarksburg, WV, facility, we install and service performance mufflers including most popular brands Magna-Flow® and Flowmaster® mufflers.


Our mechanics also install catalytic converters and dual exhaust systems. We repair exhaust pipes, mufflers and catalytic converters whenever possible (and it makes sense for you financially). 


You need to visit CMR's professional muffler shop mechanics if there is visible damage to your exhaust system (or muffler), a rumbling sound or unusual vibration while your car is running, or an increase in exhaust coming from your vehicle.


Likewise, visit CMR Rebuild- the best muffler shop in Clarksburg - if you smell a foul odor coming from your car exhaust. The culprit often is the catalytic converter. You will smell it inside the car, while your car is running, generally when you are just getting started or idle at a stoplight.