Rebuilding The Rear Differential Of A WWII Jeep

WWII Jeep with a differential repaired by CMR Rebuild

The Driver in the picture above is the owner of this WWII M38 Army Jeep. He brought this Jeep to CMR requesting us to rebuild the rear differential. CMR Rebuild acquired the parts and rebuilt the rear differential. Customer was delighted with the repairs he took all employees a ride through the woods behind CMR.


This M38 Army Jeep was feature in Four-Wheeler Magazine. The customer took his M38 Army Jeep to France for a D-Day reenactment in June 2019. The customer took an empty bottle of French Wine use in the celebration for the D-Day reenactment down to Omaha Beach at Normandy filling it half full with sand from the Beach. He brought that bottle back and presented it to the owner of CMR Rebuild as a souvenir. The bottle of sand and the above picture is displayed in the office of CMR Rebuild for our customers to see.