Show Truck Differential Rebuild

show truck in clarksburg, wv, getting front and rear differential rebuilt

After having some grinding noise issue with his differentials, the owner of this show truck decided to bring it to CMR Rebuild. In the shop, we found that both differentials would have to be gutted to repair the Show Truck issues. 

exposed inside of a differential about to be gutted

After careful consideration and discussions, the owner decided to authorize the repairs. 

The Show Truck had oversized tires and a 12” lift kit. This took a special setup for the differentials. Once CMR Rebuild acquired all the necessary parts, our mechanic completely rebuilt both differentials. 


lift kit on the show truck

Here’s a look at the lift kit on the rear differential.

CMR Rebuild’s ace mechanic is setting up the ring & pinion in the rear differential.

repair rear and front differential on the show truck

The Show Truck ready for a complete detailing and on to the next show.