1965 Mercury Comet - Fixing a broken shifter

1965 Mercury Comet on a repair lift

The customer stated his transmission shifter seal was leaking. CMR Rebuild inspected this vehicle and found several issues, such as shifter o-rings leaking; a broken shifter kick down cable, damage to a shifter level and some of the brake lines leaking. Finding repair parts for this Comet’s C-6 Transmission was not easy. Ford’s has not made the C-6 in forty years. After receiving all the C-6 repair parts CMR technicians repaired the C-6 transmission including all the leaks for this customer. 

Front end view of a 1965 Mercury Comet

The 1965 Mercury Comet comes to CMR Rebuild from Charleston, WV, area -- a 200 mile ride on a trailer.

1965 Red Mercury Comet in for a repair.